How To Tell When Icebox Watermelon Is Properly Ripe?

Icebox watermelon ripe

How To Tell When Icebox Watermelon Is Ripe? Icebox watermelon is a tiny watermelon cultivar that weighs between 8 and 10 pounds on average. In 2005, it became widely available to the general public. Its name comes from the fact that it fits nicely in the refrigerator due to its size and realizes icebox watermelon is ripe.

The optimum time to harvest an icebox watermelon, like other watermelons, is when it is fully mature. Harvesting an icebox watermelon takes around 78 days after planting, but first, make sure it satisfies many conditions to guarantee it is mature enough to pick.

1st step

Keep an eye out for the rind of the icebox watermelon to turn from a brilliant green to a dull green tint.

2nd Step

Examine the stem that connects the icebox watermelon to the vine. When the melon ripens, the curled tendrils that emerge from the stem turn brown and dry, according to the University of Illinois.

3rd step

Raise the watermelon. When the melon is ripe, the region where it lies on the ground will be a creamy golden hue.

icebox watermelon ripe

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