Why Are Organic Food And Natural Food Important?

Why are organic food and natural food Important? The most frequent query is, “How do I lose this,” as they pat their stomach. I always give the same response. Eat more often with protein and carbohydrates mixed, consume less (portion size in each location), and eat better-quality, less-processed meals.

On the surface, eating better food looks simple. Right, no junk food. We need more information since the quality of the food we are consuming is at an all-time low, so that isn’t enough anymore. Everything has been loaded with chemicals and preservatives by the large food corporations so it will survive longer and generate more revenue.

All those changed compounds were not intended to be in our bodies, according to God. As a result, there are a lot of novel diseases that appear to have no known etiology. The artificial sweeteners, artificial fats, chemicals, and preservatives that we put in our mouths are the reason, as I shall explain to you. We are what we consume.

You are what you eat has completely new meaning if you realize that your body is always undergoing renewal. This article will share insights on why organic food and natural food are important. Keep reading.

I apologize if this information is outdated, but it is really crucial. In about a year, every cell in your body will be dead and gone. Your DNA is made up of atoms and cells that are constantly dividing and regenerating, much like your skin, bones, muscles, organs, and other tissues. It is obvious that greater quality regenerating cells would result from the addition of higher quality nutrients.

Why are organic food and natural food Important?

It has also been demonstrated that within 14 months, all of the cells that make up a sick area of the body, such as a tumor or cancer, are dead and gone. So, there is a potential to regenerate healthy cells to replace damaged cells if we can consume a very high-quality diet, reduce our levels of stress, and picture recovery. This is a highly sensitive topic since, in my opinion, western medicine, which frequently uses drugs as a band-aid to mask symptoms of illness or disease, has its place and its time.

Are pricey organic foods worthwhile? On the surface, it does not appear that the additional expense and difficulty of having to buy more frequently are justified (since high-quality organic food degrades more quickly). However, I want to know how much it costs to develop cancer or experience a heart attack.

The fact that we are so motivated to generate money at the expense of our health and then spend all of our money attempting to regain that health just astounds me. This does not need to be the case.

The world’s top holistic practitioners are discovering thanks to some of the most recent and ground-breaking medical research that orthodox western medical experts have completely missed the boat. And I wholeheartedly concur with the latest information that shows us that 95% of all diseases and illnesses are caused by the environment. By compromising our immune system with an unhealthy lifestyle, we contribute to the problem.

Even the American Cancer Society (ACS) has recently acknowledged that environmental factors cause 60% of cancer cases. Thus, it is a part of our way of life. This is significant information since, among Americans under the age of 85, cancer recently surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death.

Given how closely connected the ACS is to the pharmaceutical sector, this information is astounding. It is obvious that treating cancer costs more money than avoiding it. However, even the ACS cannot deny what is clear.

The goal of modern medicine is profit, not wellness. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, even though I am aware that I may get into trouble for it (and have it in our local press). I am aware that there are many MDs with good intentions, but for the most part, they are powerless. Corruption occurs at a much higher level.

For instance, because diabetes is such a lucrative industry, doctors may prescribe diabetes medications to pre-diabetic patients with only slightly elevated blood sugar levels before they’ve even tried diet and exercise. Type II adult-onset diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to treat provided the patient is given the right knowledge, as was covered in chapter 1.

Health advantages of eating organic food

According to a news release from the American Institute of Cancer, there is indisputable proof that carrying extra body weight significantly raises your chance of developing most malignancies.

The study also discovered that making some lifestyle adjustments might lower your chance of developing cancer. The following are a few health advantages of eating organic food:

  • Maintain a reasonable body weight range while being as slender as you can.
  • Exercise regularly as part of your daily routine.
  • Consume ‘energy-dense foods,’ or those heavy in calories, fat, and sugar, in moderation. Avoid sugary beverages.
  • Consume primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Limit consumption of red meat and stay away from ALL processed meat.
  • Strive to achieve nutritional requirements only through food, devoid of dietary supplements.

Please go back and read the final line.

Organic food is worthwhile, so yes. BEHAVE OF IT AS A VITAMIN INVESTMENT.

Food that is not organic is contaminated with toxins and chemicals when it is consumed. The focus of businesses that create food for the public is quantity rather than quality. They will take all necessary measures to transport as much food as they can from point A (the depleted ground) to point B. (your mouth). They are attempting to increase the natural food’s shelf life so that you can buy it.

Your shelf life will be shortened the longer the stuff you eat has a shelf life. It’s healthy for you if it originated from the earth and rots!

These businesses spray pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides on their food, filling it with toxins and poisons. In a conventional grocery shop, the majority of the goods on the shelves have received chemical injections. Their farmers only employ poisons and chemicals as fertilizers. The fertilizers penetrate the plant roots and end up inside the fruit, which is incapable of even producing fruit.

Nowadays, the majority of fruit is produced from hybrid seeds, which results in fruit that is incapable of even germination and self-reproduction. How can it possibly support you in the long term when it can’t even survive itself? In the end, consuming mass-produced, lower-quality food is like eating an apple that has been sprayed with Raid. And no, cleaning it off won’t make a difference because it’s embedded in the apple’s skin and flesh. The major food corporations utilize preservatives and chemicals that are a hundred times more potent than Raid.

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Are organic food and natural food really better?

Yes! I won’t bore you with the minutiae of the most current tests that are demonstrating that legitimately cultivated organic food has 50% more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than foods manufactured for the masses (but they are showing them). You ought to purchase organic food!

I am aware that eating organic food 100 percent of the time might not be doable. But at least you have something to mull on now (J). My understanding is that you have to develop into it. A commitment to eating organic food 25% of the time has been successful for the family. You can start eating organic food more frequently after you can demonstrate to yourself that you can tell the difference.

Since the organic food market in the US currently generates $14 billion in revenue annually, big business is becoming more involved. The organic label’s value and significance are rapidly deteriorating. Companies like Wal-Mart are attempting to fool customers by using organic signage and stickers within their stores and stretching the boundaries of what may be marketed as organic.

SHOP LOCALLY! Buy nearby if you want the healthiest, freshest goods you can get. Your greatest options include farmers’ markets, community-supported agricultural initiatives, and food cooperatives. Search for “good quality organic food/farmers market/your city and state” on Google, then go to these farms or markets.

The fact that some of these farmers may not be able to afford or desire to obtain certification to sell organic goods does not imply that their product is of inferior quality. You can quickly locate high-quality organic food nearby with a little bit of research. You might be able to arrange delivery spots with a few farms, as I have, to add a little amount of convenience.

It’s not that tough to locate high-quality organic food near your home. The bottom line is to seek out farmers that are producing modest amounts of food while adhering to excellent organic agricultural standards.

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