Why has organic food become more popular? Because they are worried about pesticides, additives, antibiotics, or other chemical residues, and because they think organic food is healthier, the majority of consumers purchase food that has been cultivated organically. Because organic farming doesn’t utilize nitrogen fertilizers, it uses 45% less energy than conventional cultivation. This article will give an overview of why has organic food become more popular. Keep reading.

Why has organic food become more popular?

When CJ was a toddler, I began our road toward wellness, but there weren’t many alternatives available (15 years ago), and the few things that were available were difficult to locate. If the food was organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free, I would go anywhere or get it by mail. So you can imagine how excited I was on my first trip to Whole Foods!

It was like Christmas morning for me! There were so many wholesome options. I was smitten. Many others claimed that eating complete organic foods was just too expensive and difficult to get when I shared my experience with them and urged them to do so. How disappointing that manufactured food is less expensive than real, organic food.

Given that it takes longer to produce processed goods and that factories and personnel are required, you might expect the reverse. Unfortunately, the majority of processed meals might be cheaper because their contents are of inferior quality. Although it doesn’t appear right or make any sense, it is the truth.

We are just now starting to comprehend and acknowledge the necessity of entire foods.

Let’s face it: Since consumers are accustomed to fast, easy meals, it is widely available. Economics 101 states that supply and demand are the issues. Even if there are fewer organic farms and strong marketplaces, the demand is still high and prices are rising as a result.

As an illustration, while my cousin was growing up in the 1970s, she suffered from several food allergies and was unable to consume meals that included preservatives.

Simple items like almond butter or whole grain bread required my aunt to travel more than 20 miles to a health food store. Thankfully, there are numerous establishments nowadays that provide healthier food options, but they could still be pricey.

The process of buying organic food will become much simpler and more affordable!

Walmart and Wild Oats organic foods are working together. Essentially, this implies that practically every area will have access to organic food. Additionally, it implies that organic goods will fetch a higher price.

In addition to having more alternatives for where to purchase organic goods, consumers will also benefit from lower overall organic food costs due to competition. For the consumer, it’s a win-win situation.

I’m excited about the prospect of more organic food becoming accessible to everyone.

Walmart’s entry into the organic market indicates that there is a growing demand for organic food among regular consumers as well as the archetypal health food addict. This indicates that more individuals are becoming aware of the risks of consuming foods that have been genetically engineered and processed chemically, and they wish to modify the way they eat.

Walmart and conventional health food stores competing with one another, in my opinion, will increase awareness even further. I’m hoping that someone would compare the prices of organic and non-organic food, decide that organic is more affordable, and purchase it. Then, in my ideal world, individuals would also purchase fresh, organic foods.

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Additionally, this would increase the profitability of organic farmers that produce non-GMO food. People mistakenly think that just because an organic product costs more, the farmers will profit more as a result. The fact is that organic farming was more expensive. According to Whole Foods, they are “the buying agents for our clients and not the selling representatives for the producers.”

Because more grocery shops strive to offer their consumers a better way to eat, the once-revolutionary “food to fork” the business has seen a decline in earnings. I wish businesses like Walmart will continue to value the toil and labor of these small organic farmers while also assisting them in increasing their earnings.

Why did Walmart decide to introduce organics?

I’m not sure why, though perhaps it was motivated by a desire for a piece of the expanding “organic” market. I don’t mind, though, because anything that encourages people to choose healthier foods is beneficial. The Walmart statement that reads, “This is not about instructing our customers what to eat, nor is it an endorsement of particular foods,” makes me laugh.

It involves using our size to give access to the options that now aren’t available to too many families in our nation. Another method we assist our clients to save money so they may live better is through this. They probably don’t want to offend customers who frequent the other food aisles, which are stocked with manufactured foods. Well, I’ll accept any opportunity to raise awareness about health!

Other options exist for purchasing healthful goods at a fair or lower cost.

Shopping at the neighborhood farmer’s market is one of the greatest and most enjoyable (in my opinion) methods to get organic food. (There is also a website called Local Harvest to assist you in finding the local farmer’s market!) I enjoy getting to know the sellers and finding out which product is best to purchase for the season or even that particular day.

Food wasn’t brought in from a great distance by our earliest ancestors. Instead, they preserved their food by fermenting or culturing it before canning it to eat later. This helped to preserve the meal while also supplying beneficial healthy gut flora that boosted their immune systems and general well-being.

There is now one less reason not to buy organic products!

You must continue to be your own savior and scrutinize the ingredients on every item you purchase. The best rule of thumb is that whatever you can’t pronounce or identify is usually not beneficial for your digestive system.

You need excellent gut bugs, amino acids, and living enzymes when you don’t eat as well as you should AND even when you do eat well. Raw, whole, organic, fermented probiotic foods help restore these nutrients.

Your body needs fermented foods just as much as it needs water. It must be balanced for your body to effectively absorb and distribute the necessary nutrients from all the other meals you consume. The key to a healthy body, mind, and life is a healthy stomach!

Buy wisely. Eat sensibly. Living well

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