Why is Organic Food Better than Conventional or Inorganic Food?

Why is organic food better than conventional food? Recently, the phrase “organic” has gained popularity, and many “organic” items have started to appear on grocery store shelves across North America. However, throughout our evolutionary history, humans have practiced agriculture and “organic” eating. Farmers weren’t challenged to provide food for a rapidly expanding human population until the 20th century.

The industrial revolution began in the 20th century, ushering in a paradigm shift in how the business would be conducted. All of the giants of business wanted to provide consumers with as many things as they could while still making significant contributions to their bottom line.

Why is Organic Food Better than Conventional or Inorganic Food?

Farmers and businesses were looking for ways to produce more for less money as this idea spread throughout the agricultural industry. As a result, science was used to influence the growth of food. To fulfill the rising demand of customers, synthetic chemicals were introduced to boost the output and shelf life of food.

In order to resemble nature, this entailed the use of numerous chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and nanotechnology. The introduction of illnesses, however, has made it abundantly evident that the synthetic trade-off does not, overall, make economic sense. This post will debunk the myths around organic food and explain why everyone should switch.

Organic vs. Natural

Although the terms “organic” and “natural” are sometimes used interchangeably, their legal definitions and regulations differ significantly. Without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics, organic foods are often farmed with renewable resources.

Organic farmers substitute “useful insects” for chemical fertilizers as a means of pest control. In the dairy industry, organic denotes that no hormones or antibiotics were administered to the cows, that the land was used for grazing, and that the feed was certified.

Additionally, the feed cannot include animal byproducts. When it comes to clothes, organic indicates that the materials were grown or reared in accordance with organic agricultural regulations.

The term “organic” is typically followed by a stamp of certification that is granted by independent government organizations, such as the USDA. True “organic” products are obviously heavily regulated, and the businesses that sell them often provide full information and openness.

On the other hand, “natural” products are those that are created using ingredients that can be found in nature, but the products themselves are not subject to regulation. Even if a product is created synthetically, such as in a lab, it can still be referred to be “natural.” The term “natural” can be applied to any item made from plants, animals, or substances that can be found on Earth. There is currently no recognized definition of “natural” in the food sector.

Despite its “natural” name, a food product may still include pesticides, herbicides, harmful heavy metals, PCBs, fluorides, MSG, byproducts of high-temperature cooking, synthetic chemical vitamins, and other artificial ingredients.

Customers should be wary of “natural” items and the businesses that produce them. While they wait to receive the organic mark, businesses may label their goods as “natural.”

What makes organic food superior

For many reasons, but most significantly for human health, organic food is preferable to inorganic food. To start, organic food has higher concentrations of vital vitamins and minerals. To even approach the nutritional value of an organic food item, consumers would need to consume far more inorganic food.

The way in which organic and inorganic products are raised, as well as the kinds of minerals the plants are consuming, are the causes of this. The elements known as minerals are those that come from the earth and are not produced by living beings.

Creatures obtain their minerals from the plants or other animals they eat, while plants absorb minerals from the soil. The majority of the minerals in our meals are obtained either directly or indirectly from animal sources, such as fruits and vegetables.

Large-scale commercial inorganic food growing often uses synthetic fertilizers that contain minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. The majority of commercial fertilizers contain these essential elements, which are also the fundamental minerals plants require to survive and develop.

Plants appear better and produce lasts longer when these three minerals are present. But unlike plants, animals and people require a lot more additional elements to stay healthy. Organic farmers employ non-commercial fertilizers like compost combined with mineral-rich chicken and cow dung. This so-called “green maturing” technique produces a more nutrient-dense plant and is more environmentally friendly.

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What stores sell organic food

The greatest location to find certified organic food, outside of specialty stores and farmer markets, would be online. The majority of independent organic food suppliers have websites set up where they advertise their dairy and food items. However, most customers will seldom locate a store that is actually “certified organic” unless they are very specific about what and who they are looking for.

Visit the largest vendor-driven eco marketplace online, which aims to bring together all eco-friendly, organic, fair trade, vegan, and related merchants into one convenient platform, as a wonderful option to save time. Vendors set up shop and introduce themselves by explaining who they are and the kinds of goods they sell.

Final thought

As you can see, choosing organic food is the wisest move. Organic foods are more expensive on a nominal basis, but they are also healthier and have a higher concentration of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Going organic has numerous intangible benefits, including the fact that you will actually consume less because you are getting a product that is more nutrient-dense and satisfying, you won’t need to supplement your diet with vitamins, and eating healthfully means spending less time in bed feeling under the weather while taking expensive medications.

Simply check for the USDA-certified organic mark and pay attention to the items’ manufacturing locations. Keep in mind that goods must be produced and cultivated in accordance with the laws of the nation they are marketed in order to be certified organic.

Currently, only a small number of nations (Australia, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, India, Japan, and the USA) have regulations that manufacturers must follow in order to receive the certified organic stamp. Organic items have recently started to appear in many grocery stores, including Whole Foods, from China, a nation infamous for lax regulations and subpar environmental standards.

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