20 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Galangal Root

What are some of the notable health benefits of galangal root? A member of the ginger family, Alpinia galanga, produces a rhizome that is mostly utilized as a herb in Unani medicine as well as a spice in Arab cooking and Southeast Asian cuisine. One of the four plants referred to as “galangal,” it is. Greater galangal, lengkuas, and blue ginger are some of their common names. This article will discuss some amazing health benefits of galangal root. Keep reading.

A galanga boosts mental alertness, and when combined with caffeine, it prevents the caffeine crash and enhances sustained attention beyond three hours. Galangal has various health advantages beyond its usage in food. It is frequently used as medicine in complementary therapies like ayurveda to treat a variety of ailments.

Galangal has now been scientifically proven to have a variety of phytochemicals that have a significant impact on maintaining bodily health. Here are some incredible advantages of galangal that you should be aware of:

20 Health benefits of galangal root

Let’s find below 20 crucial health benefits of galangal root:

1. Maintain physical endurance

Indonesians used to blend galangal with other herbs like garlic, pepper, tamarind, and others to create a tonic known as “jamu.” If taken three times a day, this tonic is said to help relieve muscle tiredness and maintain bodily stamina.

2. Alleviate catarrh

Catarrh is a disorder when the nasal cavity produces an excessive amount of mucus as a result of mucous membrane irritation. Catarrh is one of the signs of a cold or the flu. Snuff made from galangal powder can be used to treat catarrh. Simply dissolve 15–30 grams of galangal powder in boiling water and inhale the steam.

3. minimize ear ache

When we ignore ear pain, an infection in the ear can seriously impair our ability to function. Galangal can aid in easing ear discomfort brought on by inflammation. Simply squeeze some galangal to release the juice, then drop it next to your ear.

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4. Remove the scalp and dandruff issue

Galangal has an anti-fungal activity that may be used on virtually any part of the skin that has a fungus infection, including the scalp. Dandruff can occur from a scalp infection by fungi. You may use it straight to the scalp or combine some grated galangal with olive oil before applying it to the scalp’s fungus-infected areas.

5. Defend the body against cold

Galanga powder can be used externally and consumed to lessen excessive sweating and coldness brought on by circulatory insufficiency. Galangal is an instant cold remedy, according to a doctor who traveled to Nepal since it improves blood circulation and gives off a “warm feeling.”

6. Good for cardiovascular issues and heart disease

By boosting the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract and other important organs, the galangal in the blood circulatory system lowers cardiac contractions and cardiac output. Galangal is frequently used as a traditional treatment for heart problems in Ayurveda or Indian medicine. German-speaking nations including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have established that galangal is the greatest natural therapy for preventing heart attacks.

7. Heal Alzheimer’s disease

Prevent mental tiredness and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible condition that affects brain function and is one of the symptoms of dementia. After several researchers discovered that the galangal herb enhances cognition and boost brain memory, galangal may have potential benefit in avoiding Alzheimer’s.

8. Reduced blood lipid and cholesterol levels

Galanga extract was claimed to have the ability to effectively block fatty-acid synthase by several Chinese researchers. Galanga’s flavonoids, including galangin, quercetin, and kaempferol, are thought to impede the process of fat production. While Korean researchers showed that galanga extract dramatically reduced cholesterol and triglycerides.

9. Acne and acne scar removal

Galangal is a natural medicine that may be used to treat acne and dark spots. Galangal juice may be consumed, or the meat can be applied to the skin to gradually clear up acne and dullness.

10. Defend against cancer and tumors

Galangal contains a variety of antioxidants that reduce DNA damage brought on by free radicals and other toxins that enter the body. Galanga extract has anti-cancer properties, according to a study by UK researchers who tested it on patients with breast and lung cancer. The flavonoid known as galangin is the part of galangan that fights free radicals most effectively.

Galangin can suppress chemical genotoxicity and regulate enzyme activity. It demonstrated that galanga is a very promising plant that fights cancer. Transconiveril diacetate, acetoxy chavikol acetat, and asetoksi eugenol cetat have been shown in other studies to impede the route of the Xanthin enzyme synthesis, which causes tumor formation.

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11. Cure some skin conditions and allergies

You can directly touch some skin areas that are afflicted by fungus with the roots of galanga. On the Indonesian island of Java, people used to press slices of galanga into white spots on the skin brought on by a skin fungus known as “panu.”

Galanga’s flesh can be applied to the skin two to three times daily to treat various skin issues such eczema, burns, and itchy skin. You can gradually get rid of an allergy to shrimp, fish, or any other type of seafood if you drink galangal tonic or tea every day.

12. keep your skin youthful.

Perhaps you were unaware that certain companies in the beauty sector utilize galangal extract to make anti-aging products. It’s not a big concern because we already know how effective the antioxidant in galangal is at preventing the body from absorbing free radicals, which accelerate aging. Galangal contains vitamin C, which helps prevent skin aging and rejuvenate skin cells.

13. Treatment for diarrhea

Galangal has an antibacterial action that helps treat diarrhea by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. A 2009 study by Sunilson, J. A. J. et al. demonstrated the antimicrobial activity of different galangal extracts against some strains of food-borne pathogenic bacteria, including those that cause diarrhea, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritis, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter jejuni, and Bacillus cereus.

14. Lowering the blood sugar level

Blood sugar levels significantly decreased after using galangal extract. Studying the effects of Alpinia galanga rhizome in healthy rabbits has demonstrated this.

15. Heal morning sickness

It is said that eating some galanga flesh might alleviate motion sickness. Galanga’s fragrant oil may both energize and relax the nervous system. Morning sickness is typically experienced by pregnant women. Morning sickness can be treated by mixing brewed galangal slices with warm water and honey.

16. Reduce arthritic symptoms

The concentrated extract of galangal has been proven to considerably lessen symptoms and discomfort in individuals with osteoarthritis and severe knee pain in research that employed randomized double-blind placebo control.

17. Good for digestive health

Galanga’s phytochemicals and dietary fiber speed up the process of food mixing in the stomach. Additionally, it aids in reducing the digestive and salivary acid secretions that cause ulcer sufferers problems. Consuming galangal might help those who are suffering from stomach ulcers feel more at ease.

Galanga may also be used to prevent anorexia and gastrointestinal discomfort. On an empty spoon, fresh galangal is grated and a little salt is added to Java Island, Indonesia. It is said that grated galangal might treat an enlarged spleen and ease stomach pain.

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18. Boost Immunity and HIV Defense

According to studies, the polysaccharide extract of galangal, when dissolved in hot water, has a stimulating impact on the formation of reticuloendothelial system (RES) cells and increases the number of spleen and peritoneal exudate cells, both of which are important for the body’s immune system.

According to a 2006 research by Ye Ying Li BaoAn, 1′S-1′-acetoxychavicol acetate, which was derived from galangal extract, contains anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and is capable of preventing the virus’ reproduction.

19. Stop inflammatory and arthritic conditions

According to some research, galangal includes anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols that block serotonic, histaminergic, and prostaglandin syntesys.

The anti-inflammatory properties of galangal can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lessen its symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory joint ailment that develops as a result of an autoimmune disorder.

20. Alleviate asthma

Galangal plays a significant part in preserving a healthy respiratory system. In order to treat asthma, the medicine galangan has an antispasmodic action that decreases sputum (Kapha) and widens the bronchioles. Additionally, it can be used to treat speech disorders such dysarthria, stammering, and aphasia.

Final thoughts

In cases of polyuria or other urinary disorders, decrease urination. Galangal is used to treat polyuria and other urinary disorders and somewhat lowers urine output in the urinary system.

In addition to being used to soothe the digestive system, the plant galangal may also be used to boost appetite, which accounts for some of the dishes that utilize it being more alluring to eat.

Defend the liver from chemical poisoning. Galangal supplements may have the ability to protect the liver against chemical adverse effects, such as those caused by taking paracetamol. Therefore, one of the greatest ways to protect your heart and liver is to add some galangal to your food. Isn’t that fantastic news?

Cough, sore throat, and clearing noise relief Galangal have an expectorant effect and are beneficial for various respiratory issues, particularly in children with whooping cough. Galangal extract is used with hot water in India to treat sore throats, chest discomfort, and hoarseness. Simply combine some galangal powder or steep the galangal slices in lime-infused boiling water. It can be a tonic that relieves coughing and throat discomfort.

Bolsters the health of hair follicles and roots. Galangal’s cardiovascular effects also demonstrate how they are advantageous for hair root development. Galangal’s beneficial cardiovascular effects increase the delivery of oxygen to the hair root and strengthen the hair.

Impotence is treated with it in the genital system. Some claim that retaining a piece of galangal in the mouth might increase the desire for sexual activity. Galangal is frequently used in South-East Asian nations to treat menstruation disorders, and it is touted as an aphrodisiac in Arabia.

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