Are There Any Health Benefits To Eating Organic?

Are there any health benefits to eating organic? According to reliable scientific studies, organic food contains more antioxidants. In actuality, the antioxidant content can reach 69%. Organic food is healthier for the environment and for your body. Even yet, there is still debate over the relative nutritional benefits of organic vs conventional food. This article will give you the answer are there any health benefits to eating organic? Keep reading.

Are you debating if eating organically is truly worth the added cost? When you include the long-term and varied expenses of health care, the truth is that consuming conventionally produced food might really be far more expensive.

Are there any health benefits to eating organic food?

Consuming organic food benefits both the environment and the consumer. Chemicals are harmful to insects and weeds. All throughout the world, people are eating more organic food, and many do so because it’s better for their health.

Living an organic lifestyle contributes to the improvement of ecosystem and organism health. When growing food organically, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoters, and feed additives are avoided wherever feasible. Crop rotation and animal manures are typically used by organic farms to maintain soil fertility, feed plant nutrients, and manage pests like weeds and insects.

As a consequence, eating organically may lessen your exposure to hormones, antibiotics, and possibly dangerous irradiation food in addition to toxic pesticides. Antibiotic resistance could be prevented by using fewer antibiotics.

Scientists have started to concur that even small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can have long-term health effects that start during fetal development and early childhood, according to the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting public health and the environment regarding public policy.

In order to lessen hazardous runoff into rivers and lakes and the subsequent degradation of watersheds and drinking water, the organic seal of approval assures the buyer that neither genetically modified crops nor sewage sludge has been used as fertilizers. Eating food that has been cultivated organically may also help small, local farmers, who can get food from the field to the table with minimal energy consumption.

All organic feed is used to grow organic cattle, fowl, and poultry; no antibiotics or hormones are ever used. Additionally, they never irradiate their meat. Animals raised on an organic diet for the past 12 months and not administered antibiotics or hormones produce organic milk and eggs. (Eggs from free-range chickens are produced, but there is no assurance that they are organic.)

The idea that eating an organic diet may significantly lower pesticide exposure is backed up by research. In one such research, the levels of pesticide metabolites were compared between 21 children who consumed at least 75% of their juice and produce from conventionally cultivated food and 18 children who consumed at least 75% of their juice and produce from organic sources. Children who consumed conventionally cultivated food had levels of organophosphorus pesticide metabolites in their urine that were six to nine times greater than children who consumed organic food. These assertions have been supported by other investigations.

Organic food claims to provide greater nutritional advantages have generated a lot of debate. Studies, however, have been able to back up this assertion. According to research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, organic crops often contain 86% more chromium, 29% more magnesium, 27% more vitamin C, 21% more iron, 26% more calcium, 42% more manganese, 498% more iodine, and 372% more selenium than conventional crops. The organic meal also included much fewer nitrates. High levels of nitrates in food and water can be changed into potentially cancer-causing nitrosamines as a result of nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Corn, strawberries, and marionberries that are cultivated organically contain much greater amounts of anticancer antioxidants than nonorganically grown crops, according to a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Plants generate protective substances like flavonoids to function as their natural defense against pressures like insects or other competing plants. According to the findings, pesticides and herbicides disrupt the development of these protective substances whereas proper soil nutrition appears to boost their abundance. Similar outcomes were obtained in a more recent investigation.

A 2010 analysis of research revealed an increased prevalence of thyroid illness and diabetes with exposure to organochlorines, which raised another significant problem. As these problems get attention, the Environmental Working Group continues to monitor them.

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What foods should you consume organically the most?

It appears that hormone, pesticide, and herbicide contamination is greatest in organic meats and dairy products. The USDA and academics at Clemson University in South Carolina collaborated on a 2009 study that found the following top 10 reasons why grass-fed beef is healthier for people than grain-fed cattle:

  • less overall fat
  • higher beta-carotene content
  • higher vitamin E levels (alpha-tocopherol)
  • higher levels of thiamin and riboflavin, two B-vitamins
  • more calcium, magnesium, and potassium in comparison
  • greater total omega-3 content
  • omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio is improved.
  • higher concentration of CLA (cis-9 trans-11), a possible cancer preventative
  • higher levels of vaccenic acid (which can be transformed into CLA)
  • Less saturated fats, which are related to heart disease

Produce may be quite diverse. It is advisable to be aware of the foods that are least likely to be contaminated with pesticides if you are unable to consume organic goods.

Produce with genetic modifications:

Check the PLU (product look-up) code number on the tag on most products to see whether it has been genetically engineered. The food is routinely cultivated if the number code only has four digits, which signifies it is neither organic nor genetically engineered. If the PLU code contains five digits and starts with an “8,” the item has undergone genetic modification. The product is organic and, by definition of organic, not genetically modified if the PLU code is a five-digit code that starts with the number “9”.

Final thoughts

If you’re attempting to stretch your food budget, think about cutting less on manufactured foods rather than food that was cultivated organically. The majority of processed goods really come at a large cost and waste. Aside from the health hazards brought on by the use of artificial flavor enhancers, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, chemical colors and preservatives, excessive salt, white flour, and sugar that are detrimental to our health, consider the packaging expenses related to processed meals.

This has a costly impact on our individual health and leads to chronic diseases that strain our healthcare system. Your better health will make it clear to you that investing in organic food is a wise financial decision if you stop eating processed meals and focus on buying nutritious organic food. I hope this article on whether are there any health benefits to eating organic was worth reading.

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